fundsforgaza // a rotating list of urgent fundraisers for Gazan families, launched by Lets Talk Palestine
BDS Movement // the Boycott, Divest, Sanctions (BDS) movement is working to end international support for Israel's actions (here's the official boycott list)
Jewish Voice for Peace // the largest Jewish anti-Zionist organization
Anera // donations directly go to providing relief items to Gaza
Palestine Action // taking direct action against israeli weapons manufacturers in britain
Palestine Red Crescent Society // officially recognized independent Palestinian National Society
United Palestinian Appeal // palestinian-focused non-profit; areas: health/wellness, community and economic development, education, and outreach
UNRWA // United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, provides assistance and protection for registered Palestine refugees // a Lebanon-based organization to improve status and welfare of people in the Arab World (their NGO directory) (don't forget your daily clicks!)
eSims for Gaza // purchase esim cards for gazans without internet
Hirbawi // original and authentic scarves made by the last kufiya factory in Palestine


Congo Action // offering support in the development of education, training and the relief of poverty in Kivu province
Eastern Congo Initiative // support Congolese people; donations go towards farmers, young leaders, survivors of sexual violence, and families in eastern Congo
Panzi Foundation // front-line support for survivors of sexual violence in Congo
Action Against Hunger // specializing in predicting, preventing and treating life-threatening hunger (they also have a Palestine ceasefire petition!)
Focus Congo // invests in young people and leaders in Congo; builds partnerships with local organizations and creates access to resources necessary for survival
Friends of the Congo // support Congolese institutions in bringing about a peaceful and lasting change


Urgent Relief Campaign for Sudan // an emergency campaign aimed at reducing the burden on citizens displaced from the war
MedGlobal Sudan Emergency Appeal // support helps ensure that the most vulnerable receive the health care services they urgently need
Fight Hunger in Sudan // feeds the hungry in the greater Khartoum area
Darfur Women Action Group // works on empowering survivors of the Darfur genocide, both in Sudan and in the diaspora


Chinook Nation // support federal recognization of the chinook tribe (petition direct link)
Quileute Move to Higher Ground // help the quiluete people move out of a tsunami zone


Sex Workers Outreach Project-USA // dedicated to the human rights of sex workers

there is so much going on everywhere and so little i can do on my own; if you have any links to causes or organizations that you want me to check out, contact me.