i love drawing but i also have chronic pain
it won't leave my damn hands and fingers alone so i don't get to draw as much as i want to.
my absolute favorite things to draw are ocs, horror, and pinups.
i have a small following online for drawing minecrafter fanart for a 10 year old series.

i use a wacom intuos and paint tool sai; either adobe animate 2020 or harmony 21 for animation.
for pixelart i use game character hubexclusively.
Movies: american psycho, the human centipede + the human centipede 2, the truman show, final destination, creep + creep 2

Shows: breaking bad + better call saul, home movies, bob's burgers, futurama, bojack horseman

Games: shadow of the colossus, silent hill, disco elysium, saints row (series), ace attorney, hitman, minecraft, stardew valley, splatoon, cut to the core, spongebob squarepants: battle for bikini bottom (PS2), graveyard keeper, left 4 dead 2

Music: nine inch nails, system of a down, death grips, rob zombie, amigo the devil, glass animals, days n daze

Animanga: dorohedoro, death note, chainsaw man (only read manga), naruto, and a bunch more i cant remember rn lol

Other Interests: almost all horror and horror subgenres, restoring old tech, pixelart, messing with game development and ren'py, data and media hoarding + sharing, watching bad shark movies and a bunch of other stuff
My fave thing to talk about atm is the history of bloodletting and the tools doctors (or barber surgeons) used for it. i'm especially fond of english scarificators, spring loaded bleeders and artifical leeches...