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Tear You Apart

She Wants Revenge

21 | he/him | usamerican | disabled + cane user | marxist-leninist | gay aspec

hullo hullo, as you probably already know from the homepage, i'm Mono. this is my site.
apologies in advance if my wording sucks, i tend to type how i talk and i'm bad at talking; putting all my thoughts into words that are coherent is a struggle. the lowercase and comic sans is a conscious choice though.

i'm also not the best at talking about myself but. i'm a digital artist and aspiring horror game dev. chronic pain and fatigue gets in the way of me drawing and my inability to write fucks with me making stories so i kindof just do whatever and consider any progress good progress.
i also like to play video games and read in my free time.
thanks for checking out my site, i hope you enjoy peeking around

Mood in the house like carpet
Listening to pain - three days grace
Reading johnny the homicidal maniac
Watching chowder season 2
Playing Persona 3 FES
Eating better made special potato sticks
Drinking MUG root beer!!!
Beepsky? YES

some more stuffs abt meeeee

on biweekly testosterone injections. post mastectomy (Nov. 2021) and post hysterectomy (Feb. 2023)

im a digital artist before anything else but that chronic pain and fatigue kicks my ass so i don't draw as often as i want to

i spent way too much money on an original drawing of rock lee from the production of naruto. it's my most prized possession

i like skeletons and bones. my favorite bones are the sacrum and scapula

i've been learning japanese since december 2023. i still have trouble with onyomi vs kunyomi but i know all N5 level kanji atm

i wanna be the guy that puts all the sand in the desert

my stamp collection, graphics, etc.

erm page still under construction. yknow how it is

"When a man and a woman love each other very much, they go into a room and shut the door, and bolt it with at least three locks..."

"...and prop a chair under the doorknob... so no one can get in... or out."

"Then they take off their clothes and get out... a large variety of scalpels... some curved, some short, all of them sharp."

"And then the man climbs on the woman... and then they... with the barbed wire, they..."

-Harvester (1996)