don't fucking touch me; immediate hard blocks if i catch you following me on anything, as well as me genuinely wishing you rot in hell.

obviously no transphobic, homophobic, racist, misogynist, ableist, antisemitic, islamophobic, zionist, etc. losers??? die on impact

american patriots, capitalists, alt-rights, conservatives, and cop supporters fuck off

identifies as "pro-ship" or "anti-anti" or whatever the name is now
no fucking like. incest or pedo supporters or gross shit like that. i hope you get run over by a car

misandry isn't real, men aren't oppressed by the patriarchy for being men.
transandrophobia/transmisandry isn't real, transmascs are oppressed for being trans, not oppressed for being men.
i'm not arguing with you, treat women better.

my personal preferences; stuff that's specifically in regards to me, i guess.

i reclaim and use faggot to describe myself; i dont really call others fags even if i know they're okay with it
i don't even say it that much anyways so you prolly won't hear it much unless we're really close but. still

i use both transsexual and transgender interchangabley for myself

if you think 'queer' isn't a slur and/or will call me queer against my wishes, we won't get along
obvi you can reclaim it for yourself but don't be an asshole and push it on me

prefer if you didn't tell me to kill myself in a joking way
but if its not a joke and you're being genuine, try and use your full chest or be creative at the very least lmao

i personally do not like true crime or irl serial killers, it's not my thing
and i genuinely can't believe i have to say this, but do not send me irl gore unprompted

always feels weird making a boundary/do-not-interact page since a lot of people on the internet don't know how to behave themselves either way.
i figure i might as well still be as clear as i can from the get-go; if you actually cared to read through this, thank you. i love you.