Do Not Fucking Touch Me:
transphobic, homophobic, racist, ableist, antisemitic, islamophobic, etc. losers fuck off

think 'queer' isn't a slur and/or will call me queer (reclaim whatever you want obvs but don't push that on me)

american patriots, capitalists, alt-rights, conservatives and cop supporters die on impact

identifies as "pro-ship" or "anti-anti" or whatever the name is now
no fucking like. incest or pedo supporters or gross shit like that. i hope you get run over
Personal Preferences:
i reclaim and use faggot to describe myself; i dont really call others fags even if i know they're okay with it
i don't say it that much anyways so you prolly won't hear it but. still

i also use both transsexual and transgender interchangabley for myself

prefer if you didn't tell me to kill myself in a joking way
if its not a joke and you're being genuine, try and use your full chest atleast

i have a personal hatred for the toothpaste mlm flag; if you use it we prolly won't get along, sorry

i personally do not like true crime or irl serial killers, it's not my thing and i can't believe i have to say this, but do not send me irl gore unprompted